Sunday is cheque presentation time,
A worthwhile cause for a Friday rhyme.
Macmillan Cancer Support will be here,
Join us around three to raise a cheer.

We’ve all worked hard to raise lots of cash,
I’ll be glad when I loose this moustache.
We’ve had coffee mornings and had to eat cake,
Amazing what you do for charity’s sake.

Bacardi Dave even shaved his head,
He looks better with hair it must be said.
Horse racing proved to be a money spinner,
I bet all night but couldn’t pick a winner.

The Fun Run this year raised loads of money,
The Leprechaun and Clown race was very funny.
Solanki Opticians ran and got people to donate,
To raise over five hundred pounds is truly great.

Mick draws the meat raffle Sunday at two,
Then presents vouchers to a lucky few.
Half marathons, rowing and golfing days,
We manage to raise funds in so many ways.

Macmillan will put it to good use we’re sure,
We’ll be back next year to raise even more.
If you’ve given us time, money and taken part,
Thank you very much from the bottom of our heart.