Prosecco At The Exhibition

Prosecco map

Ladies I’ve noticed over the last couple of years that a lot of you who visit The Exhibition are quite keen on Prosecco!!!

So in early October I went to Trevisio, in north eastern Italy were I visited several wineries in the hope of finding a unique & high quality Prosecco for all of those who drink it at The Exhibition.

Well the good news is that I found one!

Check out the map & it will show you Refrontolo which is the area that the wine comes from

The Prosecco I chose is from a small family run winery called Cantina Bernardi…..what a fantastic place & the people couldn’t have been more hospitable.

The effort this family run winery puts into their wine making is beyond obsession & it shows in their end product.

It’s a fantastic dry wine with a fruity yet fresh clean finish….you’ll love it!

I look forward to seeing you at The Exhibition soon.