Best pub in Huntingdon for Sunday roast

If you are looking for the best pub in or around Huntingdon to enjoy a great Sunday roast dinner then we think you may have found it.

We serve a traditional roast brisket of beef or a loin of pork with homemade Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, veg and gravy for only £9.

Also on our menu at the moment we have the following:

Scotch rump steak, mushroom stroganoff, homemade chips, mixed leaf – £12.95

Hake fillet lightly cajuned, warm potato & crayfish salad, roquet dressing, mixed leaves – £11.95

Crispy shoulder of lamb, patatas bravas, Moroccan spiced ratatouille, tzatziki – £11.95

Red pepper & goats cheese lasagne, garlic focaccia (v) – £9.50



Eating out in Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire.

If you are looking for a quick guide to eating out in Godmanchester then look no further.

Godmanchester, near Huntingdon is a small historic town on the River Ouse in Cambridgeshire.







We have a selection of places to eat from a fish & chip shop overlooking the river to fine dining here or at The White Hart.

Other options for dining out in Godmanchester include:

  • Cinta, a Chinese/Malaysian restaurant on Post Street
  • Planet Spice, our Indian Restaurant on The Causeway
  • The Black Bull Pub on Post Street

Pubs in Huntingdon

Pubs around Huntingdon and their postcodes so you can find them.
  •  Alconbury Mill (1 Mill Road, PE28 4EU) Coverage: Alconbury
  •  Angel, The (76 High Street, PE26 1BS) Coverage: Ramsey
  •  Axe & Compass, The (High Street, PE28 9AH) Coverage: Hemingford Abbots
  •  Barley Mow, The (Main Street, PE29 1XZ) Coverage: Huntingdon Town, Hartford
  •  Bell, The (Green End Road, PE28 5UY) Coverage: Sawtry
  •  Black Bull, The (Post Street, PE29 2AQ) Coverage: Godmanchester
  •  Black Bull, The (25 Church Road, PE28 4PF) Coverage: Brampton
  • Brampton Mill (Bromholme Lane, PE28 4NE) Coverage: Brampton
  •  Cock Inn, The (47 High Street, PE28 9BJ) Coverage: Hemingford Grey
  •  Cromwells Bar (137 High Street, PE29 3NF) Coverage: Huntingdon Town
  • Cross Keys, The (High Street, PE26 2QE) Coverage: Upwood
  •  Crown & Pipes, The (High Street, PE28 9LQ) Coverage: Fenstanton
  •  Crown Inn (Bridge Road, PE28 3AY) Coverage: Broughton
  •  Crown Inn, The (High Street, PE28 3PP) Coverage: Earith
  •  Dragoon Inn, The (18 Buckden Road, PE28 4PS) Coverage: Brampton
  •  Elephant & Castle (The Green, PE28 5YN) Coverage: Woodwalton
  • Exhibition, The (London Road, PE29 2HZ) Coverage: Godmanchester
  • Falcon, The (Market Hill, PE29 3NR) Coverage: Huntingdon Town
  • Fox & Hounds (80 Main Street, PE28 5NU) Coverage: Great Gidding
  • Fox Inn, The (Thrapston Road, PE28 0PW) Coverage: Catworth
  • George At Ramsey, The (65 High Street, PE26 1AB) Coverage: Ramsey
  • George Hotel (The George George Street, PE29 3AB) Coverage: Huntingdon Town
  • George Inn (Ramsey Road, PE26 2XN) Coverage: Ramsey Forty Foot
  • George Inn, The (High Street, PE28 0TD) Coverage: Spaldwick
  • George, The (High Street, PE28 9LQ) Coverage: Fenstanton
  • George, The (76 High Street, PE28 3EH) Coverage: Somersham
  • Golden Knight (Sapley Square, PE29 7LB) Coverage: Huntingdon Town, Sapley
  • Grange, The (115 High Street, PE28 4RA) Coverage: Brampton
  • Green Man, The (East Street, PE28 3LZ) Coverage: Colne
  • Green Man, The (The Avenue, PE28 5AW) Coverage: Leighton Bromswold
  • Greystones Of Sawtry (Greystones The Green, PE28 5ST) Coverage: Sawtry
  • Hawk Bar, The (56 Little Whyte, PE26 1DS) Coverage: Ramsey
  • Jolly Sailor, The (Great Whyte, PE26 1HH) Coverage: Ramsey
  • King Of The Belgians, The (27 Main Street, PE29 1XU) Coverage: Hartford
  • King William IV (High Street, PE28 9JF) Coverage: Fenstanton
  • Lion, The (Herne Road, PE26 2TB) Coverage: Ramsey St. Mary’s
  • Longbow, The (Kings Ripton Road, PE28 2NT) Coverage: Huntingdon Town, Sapley
  • Lord Protector (Mayfield Road, PE29 1NH) Coverage: Warboys, Huntingdon Town
  • Mad Cat, The (High Street, PE28 3BX) Coverage: Pidley
  • Manor House Hotel (20 Chapel Street, PE28 4DY) Coverage: Alconbury
  • Marex Inn (203 Oilmills Road, PE26 2UA) Coverage: Ramsey
  • Market Inn (Market Hill, PE29 3NR) Coverage: Huntingdon Town
  • Mermaid, The (High Street, PE28 0AB) Coverage: Ellington
  • Montagu Arms, The (Breach Road, PE28 0BA) Coverage: Grafham
  • Montaz Bar and Restaurant (40 The Green, PE28 4RH) Coverage: Brampton
  • New Sun Inn, The (20-22 High Street, PE28 0HA) Coverage: Kimbolton
  • Old Bridge Hotel (1 High Street, PE29 3TQ) Coverage: Huntingdon Town
  • Pheasant Inn, The (Village Loop Road, PE28 0RE) Coverage: Keyston
  • Prince Of Wales (13 Rectory Road, PE28 3LN) Coverage: Bluntisham
  • Prince Of Wales, The (Potton Road, PE28 9NG) Coverage: Hilton
  • Racehorse, The (High Street, PE28 0PF) Coverage: Catworth
  • Railway Inn (132 Great Whyte, PE26 1HS) Coverage: Ramsey
  • Riverview Inn (High Street, PE28 3PP) Coverage: Earith
  • Rose & Crown, The (99 High Street, PE28 3EE) Coverage: Somersham
  • Royal Oak, The (Mill Green, PE28 2SB) Coverage: Warboys
  • Royal Oak, The (7 The Causeway, PE29 2HA) Coverage: Godmanchester
  • Saddle, The (26 High Street, PE28 0HA) Coverage: Kimbolton
  • Samuel Pepys Diary Rooms, The (146 High Street, PE29 3TF) Coverage: Huntingdon
  • Sun, The (78 Hartford Road, PE29 1XG) Coverage: Huntingdon Town
  • Swan, The (Main Street, PE28 5LJ) Coverage: Old Weston
  • Territorial Tavern (4 Cromwell Walk, PE29 3HR) Coverage: Huntingdon Town
  • Three Horeshoes (Ermine Street, PE28 4AH) Coverage: Great Stukeley
  • Three Horseshoes (50 Little Whyte, PE26 1GD) Coverage: Ramsey
  •  Three Horseshoes, The (Moat Lane, PE28 2PD) Coverage: Abbots Ripton
  • Three Horseshoes, The (The Green, PE28 2BE) Coverage: Houghton
  • Three Horseshoes, The (Church Street, PE28 2QE) Coverage: Wistow
  • Three Jolly Butchers (3 Huntingdon Road, PE28 2AD) Coverage: Wyton
  • Three Tuns Inn, The (139 High Street, PE29 3NF) Coverage: Huntingdon Town
  • Victoria, The (52 Ouse Walk, PE29 3QW) Coverage: Huntingdon Town
  • White Hart (Cambridge Road, PE29 2BW) Coverage: Godmanchester
  • White Hart, The (2 Vinegar Hill, PE28 4JA) Coverage: Alconbury Weston
  • White Hart, The (35 High Street, PE28 2TA) Coverage: Warboys
  • White Horse Inn, The (2 Stow Road, PE28 0HU) Coverage: Kimbolton
  • White Horse, The (High Street, PE28 0JP) Coverage: Tilbrook
  • White Lion, The (Upwood Road, PE26 2PA) Coverage: Ramsey
  • White Swan, The (30 High Street, PE28 3LD) Coverage: Bluntisham
  • Windmill, The (St. Ives Road, PE28 3ET) Coverage: Somersham
  • Aviator, The (Ramsey Road, PE27 5BZ) Coverage: St. Ives Centra
  • Black Bull, The (London Road, PE27 5FD) Coverage: St. Ives Central
  • Floods Tavern (27 Broadway, PE27 5BX) Coverage: St. Ives Central
  • Golden Lion Hotel (Market Hill, PE27 5AL) Coverage: St. Ives Central
  • Greyhound, The (Carlisle Terrace, PE27 5PQ) Coverage: St. Ives Central
  • Haywain, The (Constable Road, PE27 3ER)  Coverage: St. Ives Central
  • Lounge, The (14 Broadway, PE27 5BN) Coverage: St. Ives Central
  • Manchester Arms, The (138 Needingworth Road, PE27 5LB)  Coverage: St. Ives Central
  • Nelsons Head (7 Merryland, PE27 5ED) Coverage: St. Ives Central
  • Old Ferry Boat Inn (Holywell Front, PE27 4TG) Coverage: Holywell
  • Oliver Cromwell (Wellington Street, PE27 5AZ) Coverage: St. Ives Central
  • Pike and Eel, The (Overcote Road, PE27 4TW) Coverage: Needingworth
  • Queens Head, The (30 High Street, PE27 4SA) Coverage: Needingworth
  • Robin Hood (11 Market Hill, PE27 5AL) Coverage: St. Ives Central
  • Royal Oak, The (13 Crown Street, PE27 5EB) Coverage: St. Ives Central
  • Seven Wives, The (Ramsey Road, PE27 5RF) Coverage: St. Ives Central
  • White Hart, The (Sheep Market, PE27 5AH) Coverage: St. Ives Central
  • Anchor, The (High Street, PE19 6HA) Coverage: Little Paxton
  • Angel Inn, The (35 Cambridge Street, PE19 1JP) Coverage: St Neots Town
  • Barley Mow, The (27 Crosshall Road, PE19 7AB) Coverage: Eaton Ford
  • Bell Inn, The (37 Great North Road, PE19 8EN) Coverage: Eaton Socon
  • Bell Inn, The (High Street, PE19 6RF) Coverage: Great Paxton
  • Blue Ball, The (44 Russell Street, PE19 1BA) Coverage: St Neots.
    Bridge House, The (Market Square, PE19 2AP) Coverage: St Neots Town
  • Bulls Head, The (96 Cambridge Street, PE19 1PJ) Coverage: St Neots Town
  • Cambridgeshire Hunter, The (Berkley Street, PE19 2NF) Coverage: St Neots Town, Eynesbury
  • Chequers Inn, The (St. Marys Street, PE19 2TA) Coverage: St Neots Town
  • Coach House, The (18 High Street, PE19 1JA) Coverage: St Neots Town
  • Coneygeare, The (Hardwick Road, PE19 2UD) Coverage: St Neots Town
  • Corner House, The (54 Market Square, PE19 2AA) Coverage: St Neots Town
  • Crown Inn, The (1 Great North Road, PE19 8EN) Coverage: Eaton Socon
  • Crown Inn, The (1 Kimbolton Road, PE19 5JY) Coverage: Hail Weston
  • Eaton Oak (Crosshall Road, PE19 7AB) Coverage: Eaton Ford
  • Eight Bells, The (High Street, PE19 6UJ) Coverage: Abbotsley
  • George & Dragon, The (267 Great North Road, PE19 8BL) Coverage: Eaton Socon
  • George Coaching Inn (High Street, PE19 5XA) Coverage: Buckden
  • Globe, The (77 Huntingdon Street, PE19 1DU) Coverage: St Neots Town
  • Hare & Hounds (Berkley Street, PE19 2TX) Coverage: St Neots Town, Eynesbury
  • Highwayman, The (2 Marlborough Road, PE19 8YP) Coverage: Eaton Socon
  • Horseshoe Inn, The (90 High Street, PE19 5RH) Coverage: Offord D’arcy
  • Hyde Park, The (46 New Street, PE19 1AJ) Coverage: St Neots Town
  • Kings Head Hotel (South Street, PE19 2BW) Coverage: St Neots Town
  • Leeds Arms (The Green, PE19 6TG) Coverage: Eltisley
  • Lion Hotel (High Street, PE19 5XA) Coverage: Buckden
  • Lord John Russell, The (Russell Street, PE19 1BA) Coverage: St Neots Town
  • Merry Boys, The (Berkeley Street, PE19 2NB) Coverage: St Neots Town
  • Millers Arms (38 Ackerman Street, PE19 8HR) Coverage: Eaton Socon
  • Old Falcon Hotel, The (14 Market Square, PE19 2AW) Coverage: St Neots Town
  • Old Sun, The (161 Great North Road, PE19 8EQ) Coverage: Eaton Socon
  • Pig n Falcon (9 New Street, PE19 1AE) Coverage: St Neots Town
  • Plough, The (Montagu Street, PE19 2TD) Coverage: St Neots Town
  • Queen Victoria, The (94 Cambridge Street, PE19 1PJ) Coverage: St Neots Town
  • River Mill Tavern, The (School Lane, PE19 8HN) Coverage: Eaton Socon
  • Royal Oak, The (High Street, PE19 5JW) Coverage: Hail Weston
  • Spread Eagle (Cambridge Road, PE19 6SS) Coverage: Croxton
  • Spread Eagle Inn, The (High Street, PE19 5TA) Coverage: Buckden
  • Tavern, The (12 The Green, PE19 5DG) Coverage: Great Staughton
  • Three Horseshoes (High Street, PE19 5YE) Coverage: Southoe
  • Three Horseshoes, The (23 High Street, PE19 6PL) Coverage: Graveley
  • Wagon & Horses (184 Great North Road, PE19 8EF) Coverage: Eaton Socon
  •  Weeping Ash (JD Wetherspoon), The (15 New Street, PE19 1AD) Coverage: St Neots Town
  • Wheatsheaf, The (3 Church Street, PE19 2BU) Coverage: St Neots Town
  • Wheatsheaf, The (Great North Road, PE19 8EQ) Coverage: Eaton Socon
  • White Hart Inn (56 The Highway, PE19 5DA) Coverage: Great Staughton
  • White Horse Inn (103 Great North Road, PE19 8EL) Coverage: Eaton Socon
  • Woolpack Inn, The (35 Church Street, PE19 2BU) Coverage: St Neots Town
  • Woolpack, The (Montagu Square, PE19 2TL) Coverage: St Neots Town
  • Wrestlers Hotel, The (New Street, PE19 1AE) Coverage: St Neots Town
  • Ye Old Sun Inn (11 Huntingdon Street, PE19 1BL) Coverage: St Neots Town


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